Project Instructions

Put Locktight on all normal hex nuts!

IR (TV or Copter) Instructions:

1: Remove all lesson 6 wiring except for the top IR receiver. It should be wired to power, ground and pin 9 via a 220 ohm (red red brown) resistor. You will need to move the resistor down one pin from 10 to 9.

IR Wiring

2: Upload code either TV (IrRemote) or Copter (IrCopterCar, IRCopterGripper) Code from Amy's Laptop

RC Instructions:

1: Get female to male wires from the project box (one of each color)

2: Wire the transceiver to Power (Red), Ground (black)

3: Wire the input channels to the following pins with a 1k ohm(red black red) or 4.7k ohm(yellow purple red) pull down resistor. Channel 1 (pin 2), Channel 2 (pin 3), Channel 3 (pin 4), Channel 4 (pin 5).

RC Tranciever RC Wiring

4: Upload the RcGripper code to your robot. If it does not work debug with Forward and GripperOpen

LED instructions:

1: Wire Power, Ground and the data input to Pin 8. Wire up the IR Receiver and use the TV remote for debugging.

2: Upload the LED code. Adjust the number of LEDs by STRIP_NUM_LEDS

3: If the LED strip has 2 data wires it is an old version and will not work with the neopixel library (use the GabyClock code on Amy's Laptop instead)