Gripper Instructions

The instructions from Parallax are not quite correct for use with your robot so this webpage has a few modifications to make it work.

Be VERY careful not to loose any of the parts of your gripper. We do not have spares! Work with the other kids assembling Grippers so you can help one another.

Open your bag and inventory the parts. I would suggest placing them in 19 ziplock bags with numbers that match the first picture.

First half of Instructions. Complete to Step 8

Second half of Instructions: Step 9 to 18. A drill for step 11 is located on the center table

Adjusting the gripper servo position:

Congratulations! Your finished the gripper assembly!

If your IR headlights from lesson 6 are still wired up, ask Amy for a TV remote control and you can drive your robot around and pick things up! Ask Amy for help uplaoding the gripper remote code to your robot.